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tutorial folding pad
templates and tut for a folding pad


cut 2 of each, the pad top with seam allowance, the folding part without

turn and topstitch the top part, zig-zag or serge around the folding part
cut a piece of waterproof material as shown, here I use pro-care, other things may be used

stitch it to the folding part
place the top part on top of the rectangular folding part
off center with one wing on the edge of the folding part away from the waterproofing

sew the top to the folding part where the pins are on both sides
flip it over and fold the part without waterproofing to the middle

then the other side

apply snaps as usual :D

these go together really quickly and worked really well for myself and a friend about 10+ years ago before I got picky and wanted hourglass shaped pads.
I hope this helps the girls!

please use this pattern for personal use or charity only,

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I just wanted to thank you for your tutorial. I made some donation pads for mpbowers for her mission trip. Here's a picture: Thanks again :)

thank you !

they are wonderful, I hope they help the girls

hugs for doing this!

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