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charity pads
I am so pleased, my dad was selling a present card for a flight ( he is a small plane pilot ) and the lady started talking about how she will be off to Africa in 10 days time to visit her orphanage that she and a friend have been sponsoring.
lond story short, he tells me, I call her and she is very, very happy to receive pad kits for her girls, so much so she is stunned.

she has 12 girls and 12 boys but not many of the girls have their menses yet and already it has been a major financial hurdle to keep them in pads

said and done,
each pack has;
2 bases/shields made with fleece, pul and synthetic ribbon, metal snaps ( no absorption, easy wash, quick dry )
8 inserts of muslin, flannel, terry, velour, cotton fleece thin and thick in each pack, all trifold or more for ease of washing
a small wet bag
a wash cloth
I will be adding a pair or underwear
a drawstring bag 

like this

the bases are one layer of fleece and one of pul, my serger/overlocker and I weren't on specking terms for a bit so most of the bases are turned and topstitched. Once I rethreaded it (horrors) and cleaned it we were happily serging again for all the inserts

the 8 kits, I made all the bags different so the girls could tell them apart, the bags have 2 drawstrings and close securely

bag sizing, the pads fit across the bottom of the bag, I then rolled them up and tied them with the drawstrings for transport

awww they are cute :D DD calls them spring rolls lol

kitty wishes he could get in on the fluffyness!!

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oh and one of the kits is for the orphanage mother....with longer pads and larger underwear

Very generous of you and very beautiful! Nice taste in fabrics!

Love the drawstring bag idea!

Your kitty is so cute! Pink nose!

thank you!
generous maybe but mainly fun! I love sewing and it is a real blessing for me to know they will be helping. I am so glad I don't have to pay shipping :D

my kitty is my constant companion, he is a sweetie, huge and fat and very very cuddly, he is helping me type at the moment

I love your sewing posts because they are so inspiring! I have a lot of fabric I would love to depart with and I'd love to make some of those foldable cloth pads I showed on my lj! I have a lot of beautiful red flannel, I'm thinking it would go great with basic terry cloth :)

Indeed paying for the shipping is not so fun :/

My boy kitty is like that as well, he demands attention, lol!

I am certain they would be lovely, they are so clever and they don't look like pads on a line so good where shame issues are a problem
accepts pads without pul although I personally feel they are more useful with pul and or fleece

awww kitties are wonderful!

These are absolutely amazing. You're so inspiring! It will definitely change their lives.

thank you! I do think it will help out and leave the orphanage more money for other things, like food....hugs!

I tried to comment the other day and lj ate my comment :(

It all looks very nice and how awesome that you found someone to deliver it for you. You are amazing!

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