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charity pads
 charity pads for   

I made a big pile of them, folded pads and bases and inserts like this 

the base and insert on the left is made from jersey, pul and cotton fleece, it gets 2 more inserts, the one in the middle is synthetic fleece backed with PUL and with ribbons (quick wash and dry!) and a velour insert, it gets 2 more too, the one on the right is a folder pad with a pul strip, flannel and cotton diapering fabric that i tried this month myself ( the type of fabric not this pad hi hi ) and it is cool, soft and absorbent so I made a lot of the inserts with it. It also dries really fast, I made the inserts 3 layers thick, so 9 when folded. Does the job for me and I bleed a lot as you all know.

the pile, that is 33 pads, about 20 with 3 inserts each. now I'll let you see what I intend to stuff them in 

nuts right? 
I'll be vacuum packing them in plastic and tape and asquashing them in there, watch this space!

hugs all round! 

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Very generous and very pretty too!

thank you, I had the fabric from earlier trades, it was the postage that stopped me from sending more...

That stinks! That pile of pads definitely looks like it cost a lot to send :( But hey, it's going to a good cause!

I'd love to get a serger someday and go through piles of jersey shirts and polyester fleece sweaters to make pads for donation! Just lack of time/money, egh!


I love my serger!

the package cost about 40 dollars to send, not a lot maybe but a lot for me.....I'm so glad I did send it though :)

they should serve 8-9 girls/women for as long as the pads hold up which should be for years


That is a lot for the shipping! Super generous!

What brand is your serger? :O It must be good going through all of those pads!


ooopps missed this it's a huskylock and it goes through anything :)

That's a lot of pads! I see some fabrics I sent you in there, and am glad they're going to a good cause. :)

It's really generous of you to make and send all those pads! They must have taken a long time to make!

I think I might try making one like the first one in the first pic. I need to make some that dry quickly, since I'm back in the land of Forever Humid.

the kitties are from you aren't they? I am sure they will be well loved :)
they didn't take too long, a serger is a great thing

which one in the first one? the fold out? I have a tutorial for that one some where, the middle one is one of Obsidian Stars patterns


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